Student Grant Management


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Information on this page is intended for student internal grant awardees and any staff members that are helping them access the internal grant dollars. Please see below for important details about how to access the funds.

Award Notifications

Notification letters are sent via email to Students and Faculty Advisors after award decisions have been confirmed by the Research and Creative Activities Council and the Vice Provost for Research.

See the Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities Grant page or the Graduate Research and Creative Activities Grant page for more information about when you can expect to hear back. 

Accessing Funds

As noted in the award letters, funds are transferred to your department shortly after the notifications are sent out. Contact your Department Manager directly to access the funds.

Not sure who your department manager is? Check out the Academic Affairs Directory on the Provost's website. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: When you email your Department Manager be ready to provide your award number that was included in your notification letter.

Are you traveling?

If you are traveling on an internal grant you will need to submit a Travel Authorization form. This form must be completed before any travel or accommodations are booked!

Be sure to check out the Travel Services website Before you Travel page.

Questions? Contact Travel Services at 

Changes to Budget

Expenditures deviating from the award budget must be pre-approved by the Vice Provost for Research. Prepare a new budget and justification explaining why there is a change and contact us at

Duration of Grant

Funds are available for 12 months or until the student graduates or leaves the university, whichever comes first. 

Helpful Tips for Department Managers

Grant funds will be transferred (JV-ed) to your department budget shortly after the notification letters are sent to the students and faculty advisors.

In order to help track the award funds we will add activity codes (award numbers) to the JV's along with a description that includes the student's name and the grant name. We will also send a memo with all the information for the JV's. The memo will include student and advisor names, award amounts, activity codes, and a link to the application eSign form that includes the proposal attachment where you can find the budget).

Starting Fall 2022 you can find the activity code (award number), amount awarded, and date awarded on the eSign form in the "RSP Use Only" section near the bottom.