Faculty Internal Grant Management

Information on this page is intended for faculty internal grant awardees and any staff members that are helping manage internal grant dollars. Please see below for important details about how to access the funds.

Accessing Funds

Details of how to access funds are included in your letter. When you are ready to spend down your grant you will need your award number (activity code) that was included in the award letter. 

Award Numbers (Activity Codes)
Summer Research & Summer Teaching Grants

Summer Teaching and Summer Research funds are paid via Personnel Action Form (eSign form) that is initiated by RSP staff. 

Where do I find my budget?

Budgets are contained within the eSign application package. Note that Colleges do not always require applications to be routed to department managers. Faculty and/or chairs can provide department managers with this information. RSP provides links to application packages in the transfer memo or award letter depending on the grant program.

Duration of Grants

Manuscript Preparation Grant: 12 months

Mini Grant: 12 months

Pilot Project Grant: 12 months

Summer Teaching & Research: Summer noted in application

Changes to Budget

Expenditures deviating from the award budget must be pre-approved by the Vice Provost for Research. Prepare a new budget and justification explaining why there is a change and contact us at rsp@wwu.edu.

PCard Instructions

Do NOT use the "grant" checkbox on Pcard reviewer for Internal Grants. The award number is also the Activity Code.

For assistance accessing your JP Morgan account see the Treasury Services payment card page

Questions? Contact us at rsp@wwu.edu.

Are you traveling on an internal grant?

If you are traveling on an internal grant you will need to submit a Travel Authorization form. This form must be completed before any travel or accommodations are booked!

Be sure to check out the Travel Services website Before you Travel page.

Questions? Contact Travel Services at Travel.Services@wwu.edu

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