Report a Concern

Incidents, concerns, or questions regarding the inappropriate care and use of live vertebrate animals may include, but are not limited to: 

  • Inhumane treatment of animals that jeopardizes the health and well-being of those animals (e.g., misuse, abuse, neglect) 
  • Performance of research or teaching procedures not approved in the Principal Investigator’s ACUC Protocol.  
  • Violations of federal and state regulations, including the Public Health Services (PHS) Policy and, the Animal Welfare Act & Regulations as well as WWU Policies 

It is also important to report unanticipated adverse events or issues that arise soon as possible so that we can help you navigate the situation (e.g., unexpected illness or death in the course of research or teaching). 

Please call 360-650-3220 OR send an email to as soon as possible after the event occurred or was discovered with the following information. 

  • The subject line: Animal Subject Problem Report (protocol number if possible) 
  • The Investigator's name 
  • A description of the adverse event or misconduct 

The event will be investigated promptly.