Animal Subjects Protocol Lifecycle

Submission Instructions

Send completed applications to  along with your required training certificate(s).


IACUC does not review application materials during the summer.

Initial Approval:

Federal regulations require that the IACUC review all animal use carried out in university facilities as well as fieldwork conducted by WWU faculty, staff, and students. All projects must be approved prior to the warm- or cold-blooded vertebrates in research or teaching. 

Ongoing Review:

Detailed instructions are included within the ACUC Protocol Application

Send completed applications to  along with your required training certificate(s).

ACUC protocols are approved for three years and reviewed annually. Additional IACUC review is required before modifications to your protocol are made, at the time of an adverse event, and when a project extension is needed to continue the research. 


Investigators must report to the Research Compliance Officer at the end of each protocol year to confirm that no modifications are requested and that the number of animals used is consistent with the approved protocol. 

Report any adverse events issues that arise in your research as soon as possible. Our Research Compliance Officers are here to guide you through next steps. Misuse or mistreatment of animals and any other non-compliance issues should also be reported using the <<ACUC Problem Report Form - COMING SOON>>. 


IACUC approval must be obtained prior to making any major change to your protocol. The PI should allow for a 4-6 week review period. Modifications will not be approved over the summer. Major modifications involve the following: 

  • Species of animal 
  • Number of animals 
  • PI or research personnel 
  • Research methods 
  • Anesthesia or analgesics 
  • Euthanasia method 
  • Procedures 

For modifications, please email for the appropriate paperwork. 

A Research Compliance Officer can approve minor modifications including grammar, contact information, and administrative clarifications. 


An ongoing research project must be rewritten and resubmitted every three years using the renewal form. 

Contact for appropriate paperwork.


Notify when your research is complete so that the protocol file can be closed.