Quick Facts and Rates

Submitting Organization Western Washington University
General Business Address & Address for Official Correspondence

Western Washington University
Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
516 High St
Mail Stop 9038
Bellingham, WA 98225-9038

Tel: (360)-650-2884
Fax: (360)-650-6811

Type of Organization State Institution of Higher Education
Congressional District WA-002

Authorized Organizational Representatived (Official authorized to sign proposals to external agencies)

David Patrick
Vice Provost for Research
Indirect Cost Rate Agreement / Facilities & Administrative Cost Agreement
Cognizant Agency:

Arif Karim
Director, Cost Allocation Services
Department of Health and Human Services
(415) 437-7820

On-Campus Rate:  52.3% of Salaries & Wages exclusive of fringe benefits

Off-Campus Rate: 13.3% of Salaries & Wages exclusive of fringe benefits.

Federalwide Assurance Number for the Protection of Human Subjects FWA: 00001207
Animal Subject Assurance Number D16-00848 (A4638-01)

(Federal Employer Identification Number/Federal Tax Identification Number)


UEI (Replaces DUNS Number effective April 2022)
(Unique Entity ID - SAMS.gov)

DUNS Number
(Dun & Bradstreet Number)




(Commercial and Government Entity Code)
Washington State UBI 371-010-319