Faculty Summer Research FAQ

What to know before you start

See the Call for Proposals for specific deadlines and submission information. Please give yourself, your department chair, and college dean plenty of time for this process.

We suggest that application materials are sent to....    *

  • Department Chair: 2 weeks before RSP deadline 
  • College Dean: 1 week before RSP Deadline

*Be sure to check if your department has set specific internal deadlines!

The pool of applications varies from year to year but typically there are two to five times as many applications as there are awards available.

Applicants may apply every year unless they have received the award in the previous year. Applicants can receive an award as often as every other year. Because the committee recognizes the importance of developing and improving curricula and teaching university-wide, preference will be given to quality applications from faculty who have not won the award in the previous two-year period.

Yes, you may.

Yes, so long as all summer appointments combined do not exceed 100% effort.

Because first year faculty are automatically offered support for the summer following their first year you are not eligible to apply. You are eligible to apply in your second year, whether or not you deferred your first-year summer support.

Yes, you may apply to both programs. However, if offered both awards you may only accept one.

The program is funded by the Office of the Provost.


Applications that are not approved by your Department Chair and College Dean will not be considered for funding.

Application Process

Yes, as a department chair or director you are eligible to apply for and receive Faculty Summer Teaching and Research grants. If the application eform includes a section for Chair’s Comments, please make a note there indicating that you are the department chair. Deans are invited to enter comments they may have in the same box in lieu of comments from the chair.

Application Review

No. Comments will be solicited from chairs but not from a department or college-level committees or from your dean.

Award Notification

Please see the Call for Proposals page for more information about notification dates.

eSign Form Help

See Enterprise Services FAQ's for additional information.

  • Click on “Attach” button
  • Click on the browse button and go to the location where the item to be attached is located
  • Double click on the item to be attached
  • Click on the “Attach” button
  • Click “Done” button
    • This button allows the user to attach one or more files to the web form, much in the same way that attachments are made to an email message. Attachments are not processed until one of the above button actions are taken, so email notification rules listed above apply for whichever button is clicked: save, submit, approve, disapprove or lock. Attachments can be deleted and added on any signature action, but attachments are preserved for each signature. So even if you delete and add a new attachment with the same name, the deleted attachment can still be accessed by clicking the signature line that added the attachment.

Yes. Please note that if you make changes to your attachments after you have received approval from your faculty advisor and chair you will need to re-route it to them for approval.

​​​​​​The "Save" button allows the user to save the current data entered and return further edit and submit the form later. This can be useful when there is a large amount of data to be entered or when the submitter is interrupted before submitting the form. The Save button is only available prior to the user SUBMITTING the form. “Save” is listed under the Action on the Signature line. An Esign Email notification is sent to the "Saver" of the form (the person that opens and clicks the Save button) An email is not however, forwarded to any address entered in the "Email To" textbox.