Faculty Summer Research Grant Program

Faculty Summer Research Grant

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Call for Proposals


The Faculty Summer Research and Creative Activities Grants Program provides faculty $6,000 in summer salary to engage in projects with potential to result significantly advance their professional development and field of research, scholarly or creative work. Applications are reviewed by the Faculty Summer Research and Creative Activities Grants Committee, which makes funding recommendations to the Vice Provost for Research.


Applicants should not assume reviewers are familiar with the details of their scholarly work and should offer sufficient background information to assist the reviewers. Avoid technical jargon.

In addition, Faculty Summer Research & Creative Activities Grants Program applicants must indicate if the activity can be accomplished during the summer, and if not, demonstrate that other support is available to sustain the continuation of the work over the necessary timeframe.

Deadline Reminder

College Dean must approve and submit the proposal by the following RSP deadline: 

  • Fall 2022: November 2


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Proposals must include the following components in one PDF file attached to the application (eSign Form). Please give yourself, your department chair, and college dean plenty of time for this process.

  1. Proposal Narrative (NOT TO EXCEED TWO PAGES).

  2. Project timeline and, where appropriate, bibliography (NOT TO EXCEED ONE PAGE).
  3. Current Curriculum Vitae (NOT TO EXCEED TWO PAGES).
  4. Submit all required components as one PDF file, attached to the Faculty Summer Research Grant application (eSign Form) and forward to your Department Chair.


Department Chairs should review the application, enter their written comments on the eSign form, and forward their approvals to their College Dean.


In the esign form, College Deans should review the materials and submit the proposal by approving the application to rsp.internalgrants@wwu.edu.


Deadline for Deans to Submit to RSP

Fall 2022: November 2


IMPORTANT NOTE: Applications without approval from a Department Chair and College Dean or materials received after the deadline for submission to RSP will not be considered for funding.


Faculty will be notified of award decisions on or before December 7, 2022.

Suggested Timeline

We suggest that application materials are sent to....    *

  • Department Chairs: 2 weeks before RSP deadline 
  • College Deans: 1 week before RSP Deadline


*Be sure to check if your department/college has set specific internal deadlines!



  • Applicants must be employed full-time by WWU for the current academic year and have a contract (or formal agreement of full employment with the university) for the academic year following the grant period.
  • Priority will be given to tenured and tenure-track faculty members and to quality applications from faculty who have not received the award in the previous two-year period.
  • If the award would immediately follow or precede professional leave, it should be clarified in the proposal what will be accomplished during the summer, as distinct from the project undertaken or to be undertaken during the professional leave.
  • Faculty may not receive this award in consecutive years.
  • Faculty members in their first year are not eligible as the university offers summer support to first year faculty.
  • Faculty members may not hold a Summer Teaching Grant and a Summer Research Grant concurrently.
  • All summer appointments combined may not exceed 100% effort.


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Proposals will be reviewed by a subcommittee of the Research and Creative Activities Council who submit their recommendations to the Vice Provost for Research for approval.

Research and Creative Activities Grants are awarded for research, scholarly or artistic/creative endeavors, but not for the development of curricular materials. A Research and Creative Activities Council (RCAC)  multi-disciplinary committee of faculty evaluates proposals based on the following criteria and makes recommendations to the Vice Provost for Research:

The committee will be looking for clarity, completeness, and strength of statement of need/problem/creative activity. They will be considering whether or not there is the opportunity for advancing professional scholarship of the faculty member. They will assess the proposed work's likely impact on discipline/students/community. The committee will also judge the suitability/feasibility of the proposed methods, staffing and timeline. (Note: Due to the diverse backgrounds of the committee members, be sure to explain methods or techniques that are specific to your field and may not be clear to a researcher from another field.) Clarity and feasibility of endpoints (publication/performance/display/seeking external funding, etc.) will also be considered. The committee is also concerned with the equitable distribution of awards across colleges.

The evaluation is based on the following criteria and the advisor’s comments:

  • Has scholarly and / or creative merit that benefits the field
  • The proposed work is well-defined, and the proposal is clearly presented
  • Significantly impacts researcher's educational goals
  • Is manageable within the proposed timeframe with the funding available
  • Describes an appropriate dissemination plan
  • The budget is well-justified