Getting Involved

Explore, Create and Discover

Did you know that nearly half of Western patents include student co-inventors?  Or that each year hundreds of Graduate and Undergraduate students co-author scholarly papers with faculty mentors, attend and make presentations at professional conferences, perform and display their creative work, and travel the world collecting data, helping communities, and making a difference? 

Western is nationally recognized for the many outstanding opportunities available to students at all levels to engage in creative expression, research and discovery.  There is no better way to gain practical experience, sharpen your skills, and have an impact on your profession and community than working side-by-side with a faculty mentor on a project of real significance. 

Explore new ideas, create something new, discover something about the world and about yourself.

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Western has enabled me to travel the world...

“... enriching myself in other cultures, meeting new people and learning their histories.”
Tulley M. Undergraduate
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Working with my professors...

“... has helped me explore my passion for research and has allowed me to gain real world experience with problem solving”
Jason S. Undergraduate
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I appreciate my research experience because...

“... it allows me to expand my knowledge”
Haley D. Graduate Student
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Working in research...

“... has allowed me to explore different interests outside of my major”
Maya N. Undergraduate
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Our research helps...

“... with our problem solving skills and gives us a chance to bring in what we learned in the classroom”
Kian H. & Kimberly D. Undergraduates
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The research we're doing...

“... helps us open new doors in science”
Tierra S. & Connor G. Undergraduates


Read more about student creativity and research at Gaia, Western's online journal of research, discovery and scholarship.